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If you are truly committed to making a change in your company and its well-being, this program is for you. This is NOT a quick fix program. This is a program that will teach your employees, maybe for the first time, how to become aware of choices they are making and hold them accountable to a higher standard of healthful living.

To get started, you will need to call our office to set up your corporate wellness consultation. On this call, we will perform a company over-view and discuss your goals. This phone call will allow us to establish your company’s needs and we can guide you in your wellness decision making. Most programs will start with an orientation, either on-line or administered by one of our 8 Weeks to Wellness challenge doctors.

If you are to change the culture of your company, it must begin NOW! Health is a choice that your employees make, empower them to make the right choice! Please call us today to get started.

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