What Can You Expect From Taking The Challenge?

The 8WW Wellness Challenge is a module based training program, designed for the Wellness-based Chiropractor that is looking at creating a relationship with companies as the “Wellness Authority” in their area. This program is designed for patients/employees to work through at their own pace, which will show step-by-step how they can make INCREDIBLE changes in their health. Keep in mind, this program is designed around a complete CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS mindset!

All the training is 100% Wellness based, information and resource are given to motivate employees and patients to create MASSIVE changes in their lives.

  • Our ‘high tech- high touch’ approach will give you a step-by-step guidance on how to brand yourself as the “Wellness Authority” in your community.
  • Our 8WW Wellness Challenge program will lead you thru how to set up a true “leave behind” Chiropractic based corporate wellness program.
  • Each weekly module will take the employee/patient no more than 30 minutes to complete, from watching the video to completing the action step!
  • This program is designed to be DRIP education system all geared toward Eating Better, Moving Better and Thinking Better… oya CHIROPRACTIC!!
  • We show your patients why they need WELLNESS, how to create WELLNESS, and have you as their WELLNESS Authority.